Hello, we’ve decided to move the “Blue Lion Session” to a new venue (again!). Although we loved the thai food at the Cobden, the grumpy landlord made it rather difficult for us to play in competition with his stereo system, so we’re heading for the bluegrass-friendly Lamb, and we are very excited, as we really like the Lamb, yay!  See:

As normal, we’ll be playing from 8pm every 1st and 3rd Weds of each month, meaning Aug 7th 2013 is the next date and you can work out the rest from there.

You can order pizzas to be delivered to the pub if you want to eat – or there are a range of places nearby, including another nice thai place opposite called “Chompoo”, yes that’s its name.

So, to get to the Lamb, you’ll want the address – its no. 54 Holloway Road. The nearest tube is Highbury & Islington, and the nearest bus stop is St Mary Magdalene Church if you’re on a 43, 271 or 393.

We hope to see you soon – Helen, Pat and Chris





One Response to “ANOTHER NEW VENUE!! – THE LAMB”

  1. Chris Downing Says:

    Ha – I think it’s a British pub ‘thing’.

    I remember meeting up in Chesham with a Flamenco friend who is a top player in Jerez. He started to play some stuff as we talked – very good, perfect flamenco guitar pieces. After a few minutes he was asked to stop because the three people sitting 20 yards away were finding it difficult to concentrate on their daytime TV!

    My friend was absolutely amazed this happened – in Jerez any bar owner would have been delighted at some live entertainment happening and would have killed the TV.

    If landlords think the future is background music and TV, I think they are done for.

    Best Wishes Chris (email from my iPad)

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