Bluegrass and Old-Time Related Musings

30 August 2010 – Thanks to Rick Townend for a lovely day of picking in Sevenoaks at his mini-fest ‘Kentucky to Kent’. The “Blue Lion String Band” (featuring Helen, Pat, Phil and Richard) even got to perform a few tunes around the mics, soon followed by Grinch Mountain (Pat, Phil and Richard with Alistair and Asher). Other highlights were Oregan’s Water Tower Bucket Boys (featuring Phil and Richard) and the Jolenes (no interlopers).

28 May 2010 – Regulars at the Forest Roots folk club were treated to the first ever performance of the “Blue Lions”, an old-time/bluegrass 3-piece named in honour of the Blue Lion Session. They were supporting the wonderful and possibly only Russian/Swing/Bluegrass outfit, the Kremlinaires.

10 April 2010 – This year’s Sore Fingers week was a real blast and I’m looking forward to sharing some new tunes at the Session. I was amused to hear from Pat that Goldrush, a tune I learnt from her bluegrass fiddle version, was taught back to her again by her fiddle tutor Brain Wicklund after he heard me playing it, clawhammer-style at the old-time session. That’s folk music for you.

24 March 2010 – It was nice to see a few Blue Lion regulars at the Crooked Still show at the Borderline yesterday. Weren’t they great.  The only disappointment was that I spent much of the show distracted by the fact the bouncers confiscated my favourite ink pen. I thought this was a little overzealous. Bluegrasss fans are hardly known for their disruptive pen-throwing or penchant for graffiti.


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  1. I have evidence pointing to a old time graffiti artists work!!

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